Doing the verb of self-defence

What does it take to be competent at self-defence? When do you reach the point that you’ve got it? When will you know enough? When will you be ready? Never. You’ll never reach that point. Not because you’re incapable of defending yourself, but because it doesn’t exist. Self-defence isn’t a place to inhabit – it’sContinue reading “Doing the verb of self-defence”

My written work for 2020

Here are my plans for upcoming written work on my blog in 2020: – Comprehensive review of the TRC’s 94 Calls to Action; – Special posts investigating seminal issues in Indigenous-Settler relationships throughout Canadian history (white paper, red paper, Ts’peten lake, Oka, etc.); – Introduction to concepts in self-defence, personal safety, & security culture; –Continue reading “My written work for 2020”

Why I rebranded

Welcome to my blog – this is the space I’ll be using to collect my written work as I challenge myself to write on the topics that interest me. When I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2016, I wanted to choose a name for my business that truly reflected my values. Inspired by one ofContinue reading “Why I rebranded”