“Conlan never ceases to inspire me with his drive and determination. This is a man on a mission. This is a man who works behind the veil and out of the spotlight. He is one of the most kind and open hearted individuals I have ever met. All of the above speaks through his actions: he embodies what we preach. Thank you Conlan!”

B, Vancouver

“Training with Conlan has been the most positively impactful activity for my mental health in recent times. His work is so important and I can’t believe my good fortune to have access to it. Oh, and I deadlifted way more than my bodyweight the day before yesterday!” – M, Vancouver

“Some of you have heard me share effusively about how much we love training with Conlan, and how empowering it has been for me to go from not being able to move heavy objects off the floor to deadlifting heavier than my bodyweight. I recently referred to Conlan’s training style as a ‘LOVE’ sticker you’d put on a plant to encourage it to grow. Our shared commitment to decolonization and inclusion pulls me to train on days when I really don’t feel like it.” H, Vancouver

“I love the work that Conlan is doing with his business. A truly inclusive and accessible fitness studio. Check him out! – S, Vancouver

“I’ve been super impressed with Conlan’s approach to coaching and his drive to understand and work individually with each client no matter their background. He’s genuinely committed and find a lot of joy in seeing their clients succeed and work through new challenges in their training. He takes a comprehensive look at everything from strength to mobility and even mental conditioning and thoughts on dietary needs.”C, Vancouver

“I’ve been working with Conlan for approx. 6 months. I’ve made massive progress due to his one on one coaching approach which included setting targets and easily achieving these targets with his help. I would highly recommend his wholistic approach to exercise and health. 10 out of 10!” – D, Vancouver

“Great coach and personal trainer. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle! ” – V, Vancouver

“I deeply admire and appreciate Conlan’s constant efforts to create and hold positive safer spaces for BIPOCs and LGBTQIA2s+ persons in health and fitness.” – K, Vancouver

“I had the opportunity to meet Conlan during my travels across Turtle Island. He speaks from the heart and is passionate about helping others. I am definitely one of his fans.”
– S, Kitchener

“When I started training with Conlan over a year ago, I was dealing with a number of old sports injuries that were getting in the way of me training at all! Conlan worked with me within the limits of my conditioning at the time, and that laid a solid foundation for growth. I progressed from not being able to do any pullups to doing multiple sets of 10! And this with a beat up shoulder!
– B, New Brunswick

“We typically look at 20-50 coaches in any given area before contacting someone. We were really impressed with your work.” – P, Singapore

“As a person with a great deal of knowledge on the subject of physical fitness, his is also gifted with a keen sense of intuition for what works for each client due to their unique circumstances. I no longer feel that I’ve let my body “go soft”…. Also, the consistent exercise I do has largely banished slight discomforts I have had from various muscle systems not exercising. For a guy who travels a lot, I found Conlan’s coaching to be just the thing I need to keep me on shape and feeling confident with myself.” – A, Vancouver

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