Personal Coaching

I coach self-defence & physical fitness and I customize both to create a program based on the specific goals of each client.

Personal coaching takes place at my home studio, fully equipped with a range of tools including barbells, heavy bags, gymnastics rings, and more.

My approach to self-defence is built on actionable strategies to avoid real-world violence. My goal is to help each client build a proactive personal safety strategy that takes into account their unique body, ability, experience, and risk level. While physical techniques form an integral part of this process, they are one component – alongside boundary setting, de-escalation, awareness, and other tools to avoid violence before it becomes physical.

My approach to physical fitness is grounded in the cultivation of awareness, strength, and grace of movement in the body. I work with clients to build physical freedom through strength training, leveraging my skills & experience to help them achieve their goals. I use a variety of tools including gymnastics, martial arts, and weightlifting to provide simple and effective training with an emphasis on substance over spectacle.

Some of my clients include cyclists, sword-fighters, fishers, archers, boxers, public service employees, land defenders, gardeners, high-school students, roller derby athletes, basketball players, mountaineers…

All clients receive:

– Individually customized programs;
– Nutrition/Supplementation consulting;
– Materials for individual practice, including 20+ hours of video;
– Unlimited email support;


$70/session – $600/10 sessions

Small group (2-3)