Personal Coaching

I offer personal coaching to help my clients feel and move their best, guided by over ten years of practical experience in physical training.

Training takes place at my school in Chinatown, the Vancouver Strength Collective. Our school is fully-equipped with barbells, weights, pullup bars, gymnastics rings, mats for full-contact wrestling, and a variety of specialized strength training equipment.

I offer coaching in both self-defence & physical fitness, and customize both to create a program based on the specific goals of each client.

My approach to self-defence uses variety of tools (physical, philosophical, and psychological) to train students to defend themselves against sudden violence. The physical element integrates work from boxing, brazilian ju jitsu, police & peacekeeper training, and more to build on a student’s unique body and innate abilities. A session can include elements as diverse as boundary setting exercises, tactical movement, situational awareness training, breakfalling, standard boxing punches, throws, and more.

My approach to physical fitness focuses on simplicity, training foundational movement patterns while meeting every client where they’re at. I believe in exploring a wide range of disciplines to help each client feel & perform their best. A session can include elements as diverse as powerlifting lifts, gymnastics movements, physiotherapy techniques, and martial arts conditioning drills.

All clients receive:

– Individually customized programs;
– Nutrition/Supplementation consulting;
– Materials for individual practice, including 20+ hours of video;
– Unlimited email support;

Every purchase allows me to support access to health & wellness for those who need it most.


$75/session – $650/10 sessions

Small group (2+)