About Conlan Mansfield

Hi there. I’m Conlan. I’m a coach, an athlete, and an entrepreneur.

I offer seminars & workshops, coaching at my school in Chinatown, and I write about self-defence, reconciliation, and more on my blog.

I believe the best way to change the world is to start with yourself and work your way out from there, and I use fitness & self-defence to help people build the physical autonomy that will change their lives.

I am also available for private security work, including personal protection, private training & lecture, security audits, and more.

My formal qualifications include:

– 10+ years employed in fitness and self-defence coaching
– CSAC-Certified Speed & Agility Coaching Certificate
– B.A.S, Quest University Canada, Indigenous-Settler studies
– Advanced Security & Use of Force training, Justice Institute of B.C.
– Crisis Intervention & De-escalation, Vancouver Police Department
– Advanced Security in the Field, U.N. Dept. Safety & Security
– Licensure to carry & deploy restraints (handcuffs)

My continuing education includes the following coursework:

– Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Defensive Tactics
– Infectious Disease & Pandemic Preparedness
– Risk-Effective Decision Making
– Critical Incident Stress Management
– Weapons Offences & Threat Cues
– Advanced First Aid/CPR/AED
– Note Taking & Report Writing
– Handcuffing & subject control tactics
– VIP protection & escort
– Patrolling & safe searching

The primary places are share my work are on my blog and on Instagram.
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