Hi, I’m Conlan Mansfield.

I’m a coach, an athlete, a writer, and an entrepreneur.

This website is the home of my work, where I build community & help people grow stronger.

I teach fitness & self defence, offer consulting services, run workshops, and write on a wide range of topics.

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I offer personal training in fitness & self-defence at my private studio.

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I offer a variety of workshops on community safety & security.

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I write on a wide range of topics, including Indigenous-Settler studies, urban politics in Metro Vancouver, liberation psychology, personal safety & self defence, and more.

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“When so much has been lost and stolen, every movement forward counts.

Conlan is helping me reclaim my strength & freedom. We are training body & mind so my spirit can do its work in more effective ways.

Thank you to Conlan, for leading by example & for exemplifying what “ally” really means.”

– AS, Vancouver

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